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Disappointed and hurt! Maina and Kingangi weigh in on lockdown extension

President Uhuru majorly disappointed Kenyans on Saturday June 6th after announcing an extension of the lockdown.

Many expected Uhuru to announce lifting of the lockdown and curfew, but instead were told it’s 30 more days.

The mene’s came in earnest, and Uhuru even said he was aware jokes about him were being made.

Int he Monday morning conversation, Maina and Mwalimu King’ang’i spoke about it revealing how they were also disappointed.



This is a list of what people are missing about being free:
I miss the feeling of been occupied with something
Nixon Junior..
Though I miss church, if the action taken will help in reduction of its spread, Its a gain
Emmanuel Kiptoo..
I miss going to class

uhur curfew 3
Alice Gambo..
I miss my job and traveling

Kaka Jorginho..
I miss football Main

Nzioka felix..
Personally I miss travelling in a matatu from Nrb to mks!!
Robert Bob…a
I miss going to church….

uhur curfew meme 5
Good morning Maina, I just miss the life we had, I miss earning salary , that freedom of everything.I am messed up bro.
I seriously miss church n my ushago
Hahaha I miss kutembea pale tao usiku bt uhunye alinikumbka wee
#MainaAndKingangi bt pia angefungua tu nai imiss my beeee

uhur curfew meme 4

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