Dirty Thirty: Vera Sidika announces age for first time


Vera Sidika isn’t the age you have all been thinking.

While annuoncing it is her birthday, the curvy socialite disclosed she is 30 years, and is thrilled to be hitting the third floor.

The age defying beauty took to her Instagram to write


Dirty Thirty! 🎉
Happy Birthday to me

She has always announced it’s her birthday but never her age, so this comes as a shocker to her fans to learn she is 30 years old.

It will be interesting to see how she embraces her new age going forward. Happy birthday Vera.

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She has been turning up in Kitale this past weekend to bring in her birthday and caused a storm for area residents who were stunned by her big bosom and backside. She had announced her arrival int he most Vera Sidika way

The Eagle 🦅 has landed!!!!
What’s up Kitale …your very own Shikwekwe is in Town!!!! Come turn up with me for my Birthday tonight at Club Epic

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This is also a first for us to see her not going all out for her big day. On other occasions, she has always jetted out to be treated like a princess by her bae, perhaps she has changed now she is older and wiser?

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