‘I love how you leave dirty socks at the door’ Soxxy’s wife celebrates him

Gospel spin master DJ Soxxy turned a year older and while people drink and make merry his wife Ciiku had something different in mind.

She decided to celebrate all the beautiful things she loves about him and the list is mind-blowing, Can you imagine she actually loves when he leaves his socks around?

“I thought I share some of my favorite things about my most favorite dude @djsoxxy .. ‘

“The way you look at me😍 the way you look at Eliana & Ethan.. Mickey & Zou (the dogs).. Dora, Goldie and the rest (the fish).

The way you look at your family and embraced mine, The way you value friendships,The way you look at Life.

‘I was dating my wife’s best friend before my wife won my heart’ – DJ Soxxy

DJ Soxxy with his wife and kids

The way you handle both good and bad news..’ ‘I love the way you love God and you believe in Him..to the extent that I question if I love Him the way you do..

The way nothing moves you coz you know He’s got us.. Your faith in God is admirable’

I love how you leave your dirty socks at the door and your dirty clothes on my side of the wardrobe because that means YOU’ RE HOME.”

She added:

“I love when you obsess over a song or just some of your stupid stuff like the latest kikuyu stuff.. so when you’re away/am away I can watch or listen and feel as though you’re with me.

I love watching a good movie or series with you, I love taking drives with you, I love the way we speak our own language and how you can tell what I want to say..

I love the way when we are leaving the house together you drive carefully behind me till we part ways’ ‘I love how you let Me be Me.”


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Just when you think that Soxxy’s wife is done praising him, she adds

“I love you and in our 12 years of dating you have displayed what it means to love unconditionally and thru all circumstances.. .

You have loved me even when I didn’t love myself much I’m proud of the person you have become and look forward to all the good we will contribute ToGeThEr in the future.

DJ Soxxy

I thank God for you today and always and I thank God for the team that we have become.

Thank you for giving me the happiest days of my life. Happy Birthday my love! Inspired by Miley Cyrus.”

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