Dimpoz recalls hallucinating and waking up from coma


Tanzanian singer  Ommy Dimpoz is revealing what it feels like to wake up from a coma in hospital.

Dimpoz had vivid dreams of balls that he could not explain.

‘I felt like my time on earth had come’ Tanzanian artiste Ommy Dimpoz opens up on being admitted in ICU

2018 was a difficult year for the singer after he was admitted in hospital several times. He has been poisoned, and underwent three surgeries for throat complications.

Ommy Dimpoz courtesy Instagram

Ommy has taken to Instagram to thank God for what he calls good health and life saving surgery that others aren’t lucky to have.

He wrote his experience of hallucinating and finally waking up tot the reality of his condition

Ommy Dimpoz – I lost 30 kgs after I was poisoned

#TBT Nakumbuka Nilivyopata fahamu wakati niko ICU nikawa sielewi naona mbona kama kuna mipira mingi imenizunguka basi nikamuomba simu kwa ishara nesi aliyekuwa ananihudumia akaniletea Nikajipiga Selfie nione ni kitu gani

He also added that he was lucky to be alive

Aisee Mungu ni mwema sana ALHAMDULILAH Bado naendelea kumshukuru pia tuendelee kuwaombea Dua wale ambao wapo kitandani kwa maradhi mbalimbali 🙏❤️ Sema wamanyema kiboko yani nimekumbuka mpaka selfie ICU

Ommy Dimpoz/Instagram


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