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Different times Eric Omondi and Chantelle served some couple goals

Eric Omondi and Miss Chanty are serving us some spicy couple goals. In case you didn’t know, Miss Chanty is Eric’s Italian-Kenyan fiancée.

On different occasions, Eric Omondi has left Kenyans in shock simply for the way he shows love to his girlfriend and here they are;


Eric Omondi surprise

Eric welcomed his fiancée with a sweet note on a billboard when she arrived from Italy. Kenyans definitely reacted and said he was setting the standards too high, but in my opinion, that act was very thoughtful.

The Kenyan based comedian, also took to social media to express his love and wrote;

“God gave me an Angel without wings and as sure as HE lives I will buy her these wings… One day. “

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Daily glass of orange juice cuts the risk of deadly stroke

Once again Eric Omondi set the bar high, he gifted Miss Chanty a car on her birthday. Goals upon goals.

Eric omondi Motherinlaw

Miss Chanty and her fiancé took a vacation together with her mother. This is total goals because they seemed to enjoy the family vacation together.

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The two love birds travel and explore corners of this world together.

Eric Omondi

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