Diana Opoti’s 100 days of African fashion is back

She is one of the Kenyans shaping the fashion industry, and this time round we finally get to see her on our timeline doing something she loves.

she started the 100 days of fashion sometime back, but seemed to take a break. We can now report she is back at it.

Wondering What To Rock When On Holiday? Here’s a Few Tips You Can Borrow From Sassy Fashion Star Diana Opoti

Opoti began working on Designing Africa, a TV show that documented the new generation of emerging designers across the African content, and raised her profile as a champion for the continent’s fashion market.

This led to the wildly successful 100 Days of African Fashion campaign on social media, that saw Opoti travel the continent collecting locally made, innovative design pieces, which she showcased in 100 different outfits on her Instagram account.

After receiving increasing enquiries from fashion companies, Opoti transformed her media consultancy Artemis Media into Kenya’s first PR consultancy focusing exclusively on services for the fashion industry.

in 2017, she launched a retail store and now she is hinting at something to do with Dakar. We will patiently wait for this news.

Diana Opoti nominated for African fashion awards

Here is her day 2 nd 3 looks as we count down the 100 days of African fashion;

Gold & Beige gauze kaftan from @adamaparistudio #MadeInSenegal
cocktail dress is made from several strips of Ankara cloth, cut and hand-stitched together on lace

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