Diana Marua holding Heaven

Diana Marua’s sick daughter spends four nights in hospital

Heaven Bahati has been feeling under the weather pretty much this week and it has been heavy for Diana Marua, her mother.

We saw her post Instagram videos of them in the hospital and Heaven was not the bubbly baby girl we know. She was either asleep or dull. Mothers, here I know it is one of the worst feelings to see your child weak and in pain.

That is exactly what Diana was going through. To an extent, she shed tears on behalf of her firstborn daughter.

Bahati who was present through it all shared a video of Heaven and Diana in the hospital when they were all overwhelmed by the situation.

He captioned the video assuring Diana that she is an amazing mother to his children.

“The last 4 nights were One of the hardest for us as Parents; Our Daughter @HeavenBahati getting admitted at the @Gertrudeshosp 😭😭😭 I know this Strong Lady here @Diana_Marua doesn’t Know I got this Video From her phone 😭😭😭 But Babe Just Writing to let You know that You are the Best Mother that My Kids Could Ever Have. I know this was Extreme for you but We thank Jesus for the Grace🙏 Thank You for showing My Kids this Kind of Love 😭😭😭.” Bahati shared

Many celebrities who know how bubbly Heaven is shared their ‘get well soon’ messages to the little girl and her family.

From the Classic 105family, quick recovery baby girl. You can fight this.

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