Diana Marua’s priceless reaction to iphone 13 and 100k birthday gift


Diana Marua turned 32 on Friday November 5 and was excited to know what her husband Bahati planned for her born day.

It turns out he had a surprise party where friends joined the couple for dinner and drinks.

As her friends took turns wishing her the best, one of Bahati’s friends Jimmy stood up and told her he had a gift for her. From his jacket, he took out a phone.

He said ‘Dee happy birthday and I have something for you it’s an iphone 13’

Guests in the background screamt ‘wewe ni bibi ya mwenyewe bana’ as Diana Marua stays shocked at the gift.

Bahati then tells Diana’ mrudishie anipee nikupee’

All the same Diana is so excited nd can’t wait to bank her cash.


Weeeeuuuuuhhh, Jana was a movie i got a Surprise gift, an IPhone 13 and a 100K ontop of it from my Hubbys Friend @ngechus_jimmy I am over the moon literally when I think of the Precious Memories We Made Yesterday; I Can’t Wait to Open all the Other Gifts and Bank the

Dear Classic 105 fam, what luxe gift have you ever been gifted? Ama bora uhai?


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