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Diana Marua’s story about leaving at her exes place while married to Bahati is troubling

Diana Marua and Bahati have one of the most famous relationships in Kenya. When you think that you have heard it all as far as they go, the couple stuns with a new and crazy revelation.

Last week the couple dropped a new video where Bahati disclosed that one of the worst memories in his 5-year marriage was her leaving their marital home after things got thick.

The most egregious example of this was leaving with their – at the time five-month-old baby – Heaven Bahati. And that wasn’t the worst part, Diana ended up going to her ex-boyfriend’s place.

“Whenever I remember this thing I honestly get so mad. Imagine guys, I love this woman so much but she once left me and went to live with her ex-boyfriend,” Bahati pointed out.

“Mimi si Mzungu!” Diana Marua tells Bahati as she rejects his gift on camera (Video)

But Diana had a defence for her shocking move saying that she was homeless at the time and needed someone to comfort her.

“He used to send me memes. I was a single mum and I was so depressed. When I went to stay at my father’s place, he was tough and did not have the tenderness a mother would provide,” she defended herself.


However, Diana apologised to her husband and promised to share more details later. While the couple might have moved on from this dark episode, I think that if there ever was a reason to break up with Diana, it was this one.

Why? Let me explain.

First, I don’t buy the excuse that Diana couldn’t find a friend/family other than her father who could accommodate her during the tough period. That she chose her ex-boyfriend is troubling to me.

As many people who have been in relationships know, an ex is always a potential problem for any relationship. That Diana could go to her exes with no compunction about her husband shows me the respect she has for him is wanting.

Also, how were the living arrangements? I fret to even guess.

The second issue for me is Diana going with her 5-month old daughter to the exes place! Is there anyone who thinks this is justifiable behaviour? A lady who is still married is going to her exes place and living there, while carrying her husband’s child in tow! If we still had taboos, this would be one.

Lastly, this shows me that Bahati has no spine and will take even the worst form of disrespect from his woman-which this clearly is to me.

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But what do I know?


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