Esma Platnumz

Shock as Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz gets married as 3rd wife

Diamond Platnumz’s is so popular that everything he touches or that is associated with him gets well-known.

Take for instance his sister Esma, the woman has no discernible talents but has been able to amass a large following of 3.1 million followers on her Instagram page.

Esma Platnumz
Esma Platnumz

To put that into perspective, let’s remember that Kenya’s most-followed Instagram page is that of comedian Eric Omondi.

Guess how many followers he has? 2.7 million! But I digress.

Eric Omondi posing
Eric Omondi posing

I have to write the above to explain why we cover her so much yet she has no remarkable achievements in her life.

So now onto her wedding.

‘I had to leave to go and pray,’ Esma Platnumz on Tanasha’s 17 hour labour


Esma walked downed the aisle in a private Muslim wedding that was graced by close friends and family members.

The breakneck speed at which her nuptials have happened follows her secretive engagement that happened a week and was attended by her brother Romy Jons and Diamond’s photographer, Juma Lokole.

Esma holding hands with her hubby (On the Left). Esma Platnumz with friends on her engagement night
Esma holding hands with her hubby (On the Left). Esma Platnumz with friends on her engagement night

Esma herself revealed the great news on her Instagram page where she flaunted her wedding ring, but didn’t reveal the man she had gotten married to.

“Alhamdulillah🙏” Esma captioned her video.

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Unconfirmed reports indicate that Esma has been married to a renowned businessman in Dar es Salaam as his third wife which would explain why the identity of the man has been kept under wraps.

Esma Platnumz with friends on her engagement night
Esma Platnumz with friends on her engagement night

Queen Darleen, her step-sister also confirmed the news on social media by congratulating her step-sister for making her union official.

“Mash Allah Mdogo wangu Mungu Akusimamie kwenye Ndoa yako I love u 😘🤲❤ @_esmaplatnumz” wrote Queen Darleen.

Queen Darleen and husband Isihaka
Queen Darleen and husband Isihaka

Other celebs who joined in congratulating the newly-wed were Hamisa Mobetto, Sallam SK and Lizer Classic.

This wedding will put paid to any hopes of her and baby-daddy Petitman getting back with her.

The two have had a crazy relationship were they have broken up and made up on numerous occasions.

Esma-Platnumz-and-Petit-Man in the past

In an interview with Wasafi TV in April she signalled the end of that relationship revealing that she and Petit-man got along well but that they weren’t in love anymore;

“There is nothing going on. When you are newly in love, there’s so much love. But once you break up and make up, the love won’t be as hot as before. He lives in his place, I live in mine and life goes on.”

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