Esma Platnumz with Diamond Platnumz

Diamonds brother in law predicted correctly his ex Esma’s doomed marriage


Esma Platnumz, the eldest sister of Diamond Platnumz recently ended her three month marriage to a man she says was obsessed with social media. She also blamed the end of the relationship because  “I wanted to learn a lesson. For you to learn some lessons in life, you must offer yourself as a sacrifice.”

Her marriage was headed for failure but she failed to heed her baby daddy’s words much to her dismay.

Her ex Petit during her wedding as a third wife to Msizwa insisted that Esma ignores very serious problems in her character that will continue to make any other marriage doomed.

‘She is cursed’ Esma Platnumz’ first husband lashes out after grand wedding

Esma and Petit have had a rather interesting relationship that ended in 2018 in acrimony. He insisted he had n ill feelings towards the Platnumz family and added he is not salty about things.

Petit Man was asked what he misses about Esma two years since they divorced. He did not hold back.

‘ I have missed her alot. Esma is so proud and cursed. It’s tricky handling Esma because of her pride, her attitude and I’m sure there is no other man out there who can put up with her like I can. No one. Sidhani kuna mwanaume mwingine anaweza kuvumilia ujeuri wa Esma.’ 

And true to his words Esmas marriage faced its first hurdle weeks later when her mother had to intervene and get the feuding couple out for lunch to reconcile.

Thereafter, after three months, Esma took to Instagram to announce she was done being the third wife of her husband.

Somehow I don’t think naysayers will stop Esma from getting married again.

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