Mama Diamond with Tanasha Donna

Pregnancy can’t keep a man – Diamond’s mum’s advise to women

Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sanura Kasimu is probably the most important person in her son’s life. The woman who took care of Diamond and his siblings when their father left, has a place of utmost significance in his life.

This power has been seen in the various relationships that her son has been in with none of the women surviving long enough to take the place of the most cherished woman in his life.

Esma-Sanura Tanasha-Diamond
Esma-Sanura Tanasha-Diamond

Recently, mama Chibu decided to poke fun at women who try to trap men using pregnancies and anyone would instantly think she was hinting at Tanasha Donna.

In an Instagram video she posted, an unidentified woman is seen postulating that not even a baby can make a man stay. A lady who was speaking during an interview told women to stop trying to keep their men by their side using deviant methods.

I have no regrets-Tanasha Donna says about failed relationship with Diamond

According to the woman spotted on Mama Dangote’s video, no man can calm down or stop jumping from one woman to the other just because his partner bore a baby.

Diamond with his mother in a file photo
Diamond with his mother in a file photo

Also, the lady said no grown man can be stolen therefore the term husband snatcher is a word that speaks lies. “First of all, you cannot use a baby to trap a man or make him settle. Also, a man cannot be stolen therefore women need to stop claiming someone stole their man from them,” she said.

According to the woman in Diamond’s mum’s video, a man does not think twice when exiting a relationship and moves on whenever he sees fit.

The claws between Tanasha and Mama Diamond have come out after the light-skinned babe broke up with the Tanzanian musician.

Previously the two enjoyed a wonderful relationship and would even walk around Tanzania together while Tanasha was still pregnant.

Diamond and Tanasha at the birthday
Diamond, his mother and Tanasha at the birthday

Tanasha herself admitted in an interview with True Love that her baby daddy’s mother was always controlling and very invested in the Bongo star’s relationships.

Tanasha then said she knew how to draw her boundaries and respectfully ask her mother-in-law to back off.

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