Diamond touching Tanasha's belly

Watch video of Diamond and pregnant Tanasha Donna getting cozy in bed

Diamond Platnumz and his Kenyan bae Tanasha Donna are expecting a baby son any time soon. The couple who have been dating for less than 1 year and their love seems to be growing stronger and stronger with each passing day.

The couple shared a rarely seen video of the two in the hallowed confines of their bedroom. In the video, the pair are seen lounging lazily on their king-size bed and showed off the fondness that two have for each other.

Diamond and Tanasha Donna in the past
Diamond and Tanasha Donna in the past

In the short clip, we also see Tanasha who was draped in a tiny vest warmly clasping her man’s face close to her in a show of trust and tenderness.

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Diamond himself responded with a kiss to her cheeks. The mother-to-be closed her eyes just then, showing the trust and emotion that she feels for the Tanzanian superstar.

Diamond Platnumz on stage
Diamond Platnumz on stage

The video of the two lovers enjoying each others company is below;

Miss Donna has been having the time of her life while she has been away in Tanzania. One of the most memorable parts of her stay in TZ has been the bonding session she has had with her mother-in-law Bi Sandra. The two were like old friends walking hand in hand and embracing each other showing the endearment they have for each other.

Tanasha with Diamond's family
Tanasha hanging out with Diamond and his mother

What is fascinating about the couple so far is the question about the about their unborn son’s religion? Tanasha who is a Christian by birth, said in the past that she would not convert to Diamond’s Islamic religion.

So where does that leave their unborn son? To chose for himself or…

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