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Tanasha’s latest confession proves Diamond can’t have a long-term relationship (opinion))

Last week Tanasha Donna spoke about her life and times with the biggest celebrity in East and Central Africa, Diamond Platnumz.

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The light-skinned lady re-iterated how much she had cared for the “Jeje” singer and said that she had loved him deeply in an interview with a local publication, saying;

Not at all, I genuinely loved him, he knows that. I was loyal to him. He could take my phone and go through my phone so comfortably and he used to say it himself he knew that I was loyal to him. I believe that if I didn’t love him I wouldn’t be loyal to him or I would do things behind his back or get nervous when he holds my phone. But I genuinely loved him.”


“That’s a man I genuinely loved, that a man I will always have love for. I’ve moved on but I will always have love for him because at the end of the day he’s the father of my son.”

If what Tanasha says is true, I believe that Diamond Platnumz may never have a relationship a deep long-lasting relationship.

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Anyone who has dated in this modern age of social media knows how hard it is to get a woman you are dating to give you her phone to go through it-It is nigh on impossible.

If Tanasha’s claim is indeed true, then it proves that she was ready to be submissive to him and was ready to go to great lengths to make her relationship work.

The blessing and the curse of dating Diamond Platnumz for Zari, Hamisa and Tanasha

That type of devotion doesn’t come easily for the modern-day woman. Don’t forget the lingo we have nowadays; words like “THOT’s” or “She belongs to the streets” shows that modern relationships are tinged with cynicism and doubts in the happily ever after.

What more could a man want that the beautiful Tanasha who was also willing to submit to him? A woman who is at the top of the s3xual hierarchy in terms of beauty and class? I don’t know.

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But it does prove to me that Diamond might never settle down in a healthy long-term relationship. Why? The stats are clear.

According to one study about fathers, “it was not the men with poor mothering but the ones with poor fathering who were significantly more likely to have poor marriages over their lifetimes.”

Men who lacked a good relationship with their fathers were also “much more likely to call themselves pessimists and to report having trouble letting others get close.”

Considering Diamond’s strained and torrid relationship history with his father, his relationship trend with all the NUMEROUS women in his life makes sense.

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