Diamond with Tanasha at the event

Finally: Mama Diamond reveals her grandson’s cute face (photo)

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz have been very careful and kept the face of their child hidden from the eager public. The couple, who had baby Simba on October 2nd (Diamond’s birthday) have kept their son’s visage off the interwebs.

But thank the Lord for grandmas who don’t toe the party line. Diamond’s mother, Sanura Kasimu, decided to give the public a taste of what the genes of her son and her ‘daughter-in-law’ can breed.

Diamond Platnumz together with Tanasha
Diamond Platnumz together with Tanasha

Sanura released an image of her grandson on her Instalive stories that showed the child sleeping peacefully. From the grainy photo, one can note that although many kids have curly in the initial months after their births, Chibu’s son has gotten the extra curly hair from his mom.

The couple's son
Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz son.Courtesy/Urbannews254

Don’t forget that Miss Donna is a point 5 having had an Italian father and a Kenyan mother. One thing we should note that even with this reveal we still don’t know what Diamond’s son’s name is.

Tanasha had previously said that the kid will be given an Islamic name, following in the footsteps of his father Diamond whose real names are Naseeb Abdul.

Tanasha Donna holding her baby boy
Tanasha Donna holding her baby boy

She had also stated in the past that she wouldn’t convert even if she married the Tanzanian star. One waits to see how this whole affair will transpire?

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