Diamond Platnumz should not help his father – Maina Kageni shouts

There has been a debate online if Diamond Platnumz should help pay his fathers medical bills, after he reached out to his popular son for assistance.

The singer and his father do not see eye to eye, after Diamond revealed his father deserted their family.

‘Please sit down and talk to daddy,’ – Diamond’s sister Zubeida begs star

Maina Kagnei weighed in on the topic, seeing as he too has a deadbeat father.

Maina in a conversation with Mwalimu Kingangi on air confessed that from personal experience, deadbeat fathers don’t deserve any help from their grown up children.

‘I know those cases personally, where those fathers are just useless fokojembe’s and and you know yourselves’.

Diamond does not need his fathers blessing. What was he thinking is going to happen after mistreating that boy for years? Me I agree with Diamond. There are some fathers by the way if you ever make it don’t even approach them to you they are dead, Maina shouted.

Last year in an interview with a Tanzania blog, the father opened up about his struggle getting out of bed because of a leg problem and the pain he endures.

Diamond Platnumz in the Classic 105 studio

So should Diamond Platnumz help his father out financially?

Maina’s simple answer was;

NO!! I understand where Diamond is coming from. 

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