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The simple reason Mama Diamond should stop her beef with Hamisa Mobetto

It is no secret that Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sandra Kassim and his 2nd baby mama Hamisa Mobetto don’t see eye to eye.

The beef is entirely one-sided according to multiple sources with Sandra never showing the mother of one of her grandchildren any love in the media, unlike Diamond’s other baby mamas Tanasha and Zari.

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Hamisa says she was accused of inviting media people to the hospital so they could take videos of Diamond’s mum when she gave birth to Dylan, a thing she says she did not do.

The last time we had an issue. Ilikua baada mimi niliita wanahabari. Ikasemekana kuwa mimi niliita waandishi wa habari waje kumchukua video na pictures. I have said this many times. There is no mother who has just come out from giving birth who immediately thinks of calling the media. I didn’t know they were coming until they did. Diamond wasn’t able to come and I didn’t expect his mom to come herself.

She went on to explain that she has tried severally to get to talking with Diamond’s mum but she ignores her. Hamisa added that during Mama Diamond’s birthday, she sent her a message to celebrate her but she did not reply yet she read the message.

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But Mama Diamond ain’t having any of that and recently sent a subtle dig at the socialite who started dating her son after meeting on the set of his song, “Salome”.

She has now claimed that Hamisa is forcing herself into her family, writing, “Ukoo wetu unatutosha jamani! Mtu analazimisha ukoo vipi? Ebu nisaidieni kisheria ukoo unalazimishiwa?”

Mama Diamond has in the past accused Hamisa to have trapped Diamond leading to their break up with Zari. Hamisa was also accused of seeking witchdoctor services in order to secure herself a place in Diamond’s marriage.

Hamisa Mobetto: A case study of women being their worst own enemies

Now that we have the history out of the way, let’s proceed. While Mama Diamond might have a legitimate beef with Hamisa, I believe that the way she is going about it is wrong-She will hurt any type of future relationship that she can/will have with Dylan.

Why? Even if Sandra might hate Hamisa like Satans breathes, her “daughter-in-law” still has her grandson Dylan, Diamond’s second-born son.

While it might be an inconvenient and disturbing fact for her, that doesn’t change the facts on the ground. Dylan will always be Diamond’s son and that will never ever change. A DNA test even proved this.

Another thing-Diamond is an adult male who made the decision to sleep with Hamisa multiple times-so many in fact that she got 3 miscarriages during their time together!

Dylan wasn’t an oops baby. And while Sandra might want to blame Hamisa for the pregnancy and the eventual demise of his marriage with Zari, this doesn’t change the fact that no one forced her son to stick his nether regions into Hamisa.

Some friendly advice, Mama Diamond it doesn’t mean that we can’t get along with people we don’t like. Get along with Hamisa for the sake of your son Diamond and to a lesser extent his son, Dylan.

But what do I know?

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