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Diamond Platnumz emotional message for his mother on her birthday

Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz is not known for expressing his love publicly but he couldn’t help it as he celebrated his mother on her birthday.

Mama Dangote was turning an year older and among those who wished her a happy birthday are her grand kids who sent a sweet hear melting message.

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As mother to the most celebrated artiste in Tanzania celebrated her birthday here is his sons messages to her


“I can’t Stop Wishing you Happy Birthday Mom… Coz i Love you So Much, and i know how much you love me as your son.You love me even to an extent that you hate anyone who tries to to do bad things to spoil things  for me in my life.

You will protect and defend me even when it was me who is on the wrong ,you will always be by my side

As you celebrate your birthday today i pray that you will love your grand children the same way you love me because they are still young and they have done no wrong.

I know sometimes their parents wrong you because of our own personal issues between me and them .

Involving you in our drama despite the fact you don’t even know where i source my women from.”


He goes on to add

“It is always my fault yet they blame you despite the fact that i am past the age where you can control me and give me a spanking for my behaviour.

But for the great love you have for me i ask you to please forgive me for being the cause of all this , and please i ask that you continue loving your grandchildren after all thy are just kids who know nothing.

And even when their parents fault you and use the children as their scapegoat for faulting  do not judge them because people on social media will only rejoice.”

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As he winds up Diamond tells her mother on how unity should be their mantra given the fact that as much as social media is good it has its short comings.

He says

“They will even go to an extent of creating teams for their own benefit not favoring the kids despite the fact that none of them has ever contributed even a single penny to buy diaper for this kids.

Once social media people finish trolling and dissecting our family on social media they will go back to their own home to their family while you will be left picking up after the mess in your own family.


My dear mother as your son i bring you  @deedaylan @princess_tiffah @princenillan ,these are your family from me to you and the day i get married my wife will also become family.

I love you and i wish you a long life full of happiness and good health mother


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