Diamond Platnumz and Mzee Abdul

Kumbe that’s not his father! Diamond Platnumz’ mom reveals star’s real biological dad

I have always criticised Diamond Platnumz for the poor quality of his relationships with his baby mamas. Great at getting them pregnant, but the below-par after-care the man shows the women ending up with inevitable break-ups.

And I have always maintained its because of his crazy parenting-An overly dominant mother and a weak/albeit not present father.

And it seems that my hunch is proving out. His own mother dropped a bombshell yesterday when she revealed that Chibu’s father wasn’t Abdul Juma, the man we had always thought was Diamond Platnumz’ biological dad.

The reason Diamond Platnumz’s mom will never blame him for his relationship failures

Apparently, Mzee Juma was the man she moved on with after Diamond’s biological dad distanced himself from the pregnancy; but even with this, Mzee Juma did not spend a cent on the now successful African singer.

Mama Dangote says that she hustled her way to feed her children and pay their school fees; something Mzee Juma did not take part in.

This comes at a time when fans have been criticizing the singer for neglecting his old man; but clearly, there seems to be more to this new drama.

The mum, posted on her Instagram page photos of a man identified as Salim Idi Ny’ange who she claimed to be the biological father of the Wasafi records owner.

Backing up those sentiments is Diamond’s brother Ricardo Momo who earlier appeared on an interview and confirmed that Abdul was not Diamond’s father as the two had one dad identified as Salim Ny’ange.

The post attracted more questions than comments as majority wondered why the information was released now and why was this man kept away from the limelight.

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