Khaligraph Jones posing

Say sorry or I will make you come to shame – Khaligraph tells Diamond’s photographer

Khaligraph Jones isn’t the man you start a war with, as many Kenyans and a few Nigerians know the wrath of the muscled rapper.

The man doesn’t take insults lightly with the hashtag, “Respect the O.G’s” being associated with the man who is arguably the biggest rapper in East Africa at the moment.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

So why did I begin that intro? Someone who lives down south in the country of Tanzania has decided to poke the bear -Khaligraph.

Diamond Platnumz’s photographer took a jibe at rapper Khaligraph Jones after claims he refused to send him his photos. Lukamba, as he’s known on social media, shared a cartoon image that showed Khaligraph on his knees begging for his photos while he was holding them as they burst in flames.

Lukamba explained that the reason he hadn’t sent the O.G the photos was that he had had problems with his card.

Diamond Platnumz with Lukamba
Diamond Platnumz with Lukamba

Lukamba promised to take a full photo album of the rapper when they finally meet up and share it with him on the spot. “I have not been here yet. The flashcards want to put me into trouble with my brother the OG, Khaligraph Jones. Brother on the day we’ll meet, I will shoot a whole album and give it to you right there,” he said amidst laughter.

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But as most of us know, Mr. Jones doesn’t take any prisoners in a fight and has come back with the force of a thousand suns, saying he will make sure they respect him in the end.

“I see you are so funny, but this boy will make you all come to shame. So (say) sorry or let me come. All (of) you are like Mr. Nice, You will respect the OG,” he wrote.

Khaligraph Jones in blue
Khaligraph Jones in blue

This comes weeks after Khaligraph held an interview in which he claimed the photographer refused to send the photos taken at Soundcity Awards in Nigeria.

The rapper hinted that the reason Lukamba refused to share the images was that his boss Diamond hadn’t won anything at the awards show.

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