Esma Platnumz with Diamond Platnumz

Diamond leased the BMW he gave Esma for her wedding gift – Ex hints


The BMW that Diamond gifted his sister on her second wedding was leased from her former husband who runs a dealership that hires cars for events.

When Diamond Platnumz’ sister Esma was getting married as a third wife to Msizwa, the singer gifted her a white BMW that she gushed over.

Diamond paid glowing tribute to his sister for marrying as he showed off how wealthy he was and could spoil his sister rotten.

Diamond Platnumz at his sisters wedding
Diamond Platnumz at his sisters wedding

But in a twist of events, months later Esma’s ex husband Petit is disclosing that the BMW was leased for the wedding and his fans are loving how petty he is.

One fan of his @marrycharamba cheekily wrote that….Jaman mkuje uku kwa kaka pety kumenoga malipo ni hapa hapa dunian 😂😂

The ex hubby shared the post below

If being unable of letting go of was a person, this man is it. But we do hope these beefing exes can learn to get along or perhaps reunite?

After all, love wins.

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