Diamond and Tanasha Donna in the past

The mega influence that Diamond has had on Tanasha’s career (opinion)

Tanasha Donna recently spoke to a local publication about her relationship with Diamond Platnumz. The mother of one made a claim that furrowed some brows  -that the Tanzanian legend hadn’t been key in her getting popular.

The Kenyan singer, who was a radio personality and model before she met Diamond, clarified that he hadn’t helped boost her brand but that was not to give him all the credit as the masses had earlier presumed.

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Riri pon di hair inspo. ➕⚫️◾️

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According to the 25-year old lass, whether her baby daddy was going to be in her life or not, she still had a vision and dream for the future.

Plus, she was already well connected with artistes both locally and globally to even rely on Diamond’s networks.

Diamond has contributed to boosting my numbers in a short period of time most definitely for the fact that I was dating him. But whether he was in the picture or not, my focus was there from a very long time ago, I knew what my destiny was, I knew what I wanted to achieve. I was already very well connected in the industry.

While Tanasha does have a point, I don’t think the “Gere” singer realises just how much influence Chibu has had on her career.

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Staring straight into my future. Alhamdullilah. 🌏

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I think she has in fact underestimated his huuuge influence! Let me explain. All the women that Diamond has had kids with have exploded in publicity after a short period of time, with their brands growing exponentially after the serial philanderer was linked with them.

Tanasha addresses alleged beef with Zari Hassan (video)

Zari and Hamisa are well-known examples. Zari Hassan is one of the most influential people online with over 8 million followers on Instagram.

Hamisa isn’t doing too bad herself, with the mother of two having 6.8 million followers. Thing is Hamisa like Zari was a former video vixen who made it big after Diamond set his eyes on her. Now she is a bonafide celebrity.

Tanasha’s story is no different. Before she met Diamond in late 2018, her stock was middling with her Instagram numbers hovering at the 200k mark.

Now two years later, Tanasha is on her way to becoming the most followed Instagrammer in Kenya, even over the multi-talented Eric Omondi who has been holding that record for a while. And Instagram=clout=money.

Guess what they say about kings is true. Only kings make queens and Diamond’s kingship is proven in the careers of his baby mamas.

But what do I know?

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