Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto

Diamond advises baby mama Hamisa how to get along with his mother


There has been so much drama in the house of the Platnumz’ after news broke out that Mzee Abdul is not Diamond’s biological father.

This came from an interview Ricardo Momo -Diamond’s real brother- did. He dropped bombs and they were all backed up by Sandra Dangote, his mother.

Speaking for the first time on this, Diamond had an interview at Wasafi FM during Lil Ommy’s show The Switch and he admitted all that was said was true.

Then he opened up about Hamisa’s relationship with his mother, Sandra Dangote, and he cautioned that ego must not take cover one’s life.

“Hamisa is a mother and so is my mother. Each of them has a position in my life.¬† You see when two people are not in good terms, it is up to the two of them to sit and talk. Also as young people, we need to be humble. Do not fight an elderly person, just respect them and let them be.”

When asked why he does not support Hamisa musically as he does Tanasha. He simply said,

“When it comes to music it is tough. By the time we are going to get a child, I loved either of these women. It hurts me to see any of my baby mamas follow the music route because it is cruel. I am usually like can’t you even venture into business? I will fund it.” Diamond Platnumz

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