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I was depressed for 2 months-Mercy Kyallo reveals after she lost her job

Mercy Kyallo is famous for being Betty Kyallo’s younger sister and also one of her most staunch defenders. But what many might not know about the vocal chocolate lady is that she has her own story to tell that isn’t attached to her more famous sister.

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One of those interesting anecdotes is that she was depressed for almost two months after losing her job. In a video she posted on her Instagram page Mercy explained how she had been in a fix after she had lost her job.

Mercy Kyallo
Mercy seating on a bench

The Founder of Yallo Leather, an online brand that deals in leather goods, the CEO revealed that before she lost her job, she had a collection of twenty-three bags that were stocked in a shop in Village Market and she had only sold one at the time.

“I remember that fateful day I packed my things and I went home and I was depressed for like about two months not understanding where to go, what to do next…and even though I had done my first collection of 23 bags which were stocked in a shop at the Village market, I had only sold one, I had known the leather business and I was selling in the office one and one here and I did that all came to a stop when I lost my job. I was home and I was so depressed,” said Mercy in the video.

But Mercy wouldn’t let herself dwell in misery and started learning a lot of things from YouTube, the first one being finding a market where she would sell her goods.

Mercy posing
Mercy posing

The gritty woman was full of determination and advised upcoming business people to be open-minded and avoid having self-limiting beliefs that could hinder them from achieving their goals.

“You can have the best idea, Capital, you can have all the things you think you need to start a business but as long as those self-limiting beliefs still exist in you, you might never make a move towards those desires and to achieving your dreams. It started by me believing in myself, I believed in the thoughts I had, the dreams I had, the way I wanted to see my life and the future of the country and the continent . You can be a victim of your circumstances or a master of your destiny” added Mercy.

Mercy Kyallo
Mercy Kyallo

What a testimony!

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