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‘Denying a man s#x is a big mistake’ Kenyan women unanimously agree

The morning conversation on Classic 105 was based on whether women denying men their conjugal rights really works or it only makes things worse.

Shocking as it may sound, a majority of women who called in agreed that that the trick does not work, adding that it only worsens things given that most men go astray.

Here is what the callers had to say

“Its impossible to change a mans behavior so denying him conjugal rights will only make things work by making him go to look for it out there.”

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Man holding another woman's hands behind his girlfriends back
Man holding another woman’s hands behind his girlfriends back

Another caller admits that he is in denial at the moment and it has bruised his ego

“It’s been three months since she denied me my conjugal rights, I feel bad as a man because my ego is bruised.”

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Another callers adds that she is dating a married man after his wife denied him his conjugal rights

“I am  24 and I am dating a married man who is 42. They had a misunderstanding because of their last born son whom the wife says was unplanned for.

So she decided to with hold s3x to avoid a repeat of such a ‘mistake’.”


Another adds

“Denying a man his conjugal rights only worsens the situation in your relationship. If you deny him s3x someone else will give it to him.

If you want to keep a man always give him his conjugal rights.

If it reaches a point where you deny him rights it means you do not want him and so the other woman will readily take him.”

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