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“Why Would You Deny Someone a Managerial Position Just Because They Are Not Married?” Maina Kageni Asks

Has it ever crossed your mind that being single can make you miss a chance for being hired for a top managerial job or post?

Well, this is what Maina Kageni found out over the weekend while hanging out with a couple of executives and businessmen, who vividly revealed that a being a bachelor or single lady can cost you a good job.

According to them, there was a certain man who was qualified and well suited for a particular job, but the only thing that disqualified him from being taken up for the position was the fact that he was not married.

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Maina Kageni could not understand how someone’s marital status has anything to with his or her professional qualifications or work ethics, or how a person cannot be trusted with leadership or managerial duties just because they don’t have a better half.

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The big question was; “Is it true that if you are not married you cannot be elected in high positions or management jobs?”

The conversation received a lot of reactions from listeners, with some finding it hard absurd that someone can be denied a top job just because of their marital status, while other agreed with the fact that to be a leader, you have to be married.

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As for Mwalimu Kingang’i, he was among those who agreed that a man or woman ought to be married so as to show that they are capable of handling a company or employees, because to him, being single makes one less responsible.

Listen to the audio below as men and women give their take on whether a bachelor or single woman should be denied managerial positions just because of the relationship status.







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