If Denno commits suicide today, you will flock with condolence messages, Bahati tells gospel artistes

Bahati is indeed fed up with fellow gospel artistes.

He has even shut down his record label EMB.

You all remember when Bahati announced to the public that he was signing Denno to his record label?

Well, he did that and even featured him on his reality show, bought him a car and helped him come beck to the industry. Anyway that is according to what was put infront of our eyes.

Speaking exclusively to Classic 105, Denno said he could never thank Bahati enough.

“It felt like a dream only to realise it was real. My wife was also very happy about the news,” he said.

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“I feel very good and I can never forget this good deed. I call Bahati my destiny helper. I will never forget that he is the one who got me out of using matatus.”

Before buying the car, Bahati had inquired from Denno on how he moves around.

Bahati bought a car for Denno
Bahati bought a car for Denno

Denno said he used public means, which was very challenging.

“Sometimes you agree to meet someone but you stay so much in traffic and the other person can’t understand your predicament,” he said.

It was a good thing.

Well, while announcing the closing down of EMB, Bahati called out the industry for fakeness and claimed that most of them only show up when someone is dead.

“I took in Denno when he was in the verge of losing it, a position where he did not see the value of life.
Denno came back and there were times I lack and I bought him a car, but none of these guys in the gospel industry posted or shared his music, none.”


Bahati added that if he commits suicide, they will flock.

“Even before, none of them called him to check on him. This is the gospel industry we have.
They think that if they post his music, its like they will be making me rich,” he said.

Gospel artistes don’t agree in the name of God, they only agree to bring down Bahati.

He said that he has released Denno from the record label but will continue supporting him as a friend.

“I want to also release Denno so you can support him when he is not under me,” he said.



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