Dennis Onsarigo lands Communication Director job in Taita Taveta County

Dennis Onsarigo has signed a new deal with Taita Taveta County under the leadership of Granton Samboja after being appointed the communications director.

On his social media, he gave a hint that he was going to the next level of his career but didn’t necessarily mention what he was tasked to do.

“10kms in 👊⭐️. Read. Run. Rest Before we move on to the next big assignment in the next few days!…”

Onsarigo is among media personalities who have have been appointed to government offices: others include Kanze Dena, Farida Karoney, Mohammed Ali, Gathoni Wa Muchomba and Sabina Chege.

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In an earlier post early this month Onsarigo hinted that he had been having a hard time but his daughter was one of the reasons he kept going. He wrote

“This person has been something lately. You can’t just step out of the house without taking her for a ride- she will carry the car keys for you- around the estate. Lately she has discovered World Cup happens at night so she stays up late to watch Dave and Eva, so no World Cup.
It’s interesting how kids fight sleep when we have none at times, or how they run into you when you have a million things going on through your mind… and is it me or all kids talk like the voices in the cartoon Donald Duck?😅

#WCW: Sheila Mwanyigah ageing like fine wine


The last two weeks have been the toughest and this kahuman being has been some pillar.
Kids will always remind you that if you can’t have something for now, you can be patient enough to have it in the future. Through their eyes you will learn to focus your priorities more than you do with your promises.
In their small beautiful hearts, lie pure human beings who just exist because the world exists.
In their fist sized brains are a million pure thoughts, a million happy moments, a million happy dreams. Damn it! They are just kids!😀
Everyday they are growing, learning, loving.. it is this patience that I have come to appreciate. I have seen this human being try reach for the door knob a year ago and she couldn’t, but now she does.
I have come to accept albeit late in life that life is no longer about moments, but lasting memories and purpose.”

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