Dennis Okari reveals he tried to commit suicide twice

During an interview with Truth FM, investigative journalist Dennis Okari spoke on his dismay on how people perceive him due to gossip surrounding his split with KTN’s Betty Kyalo.

Okari expressed how following some events in his life got him to a point where he was depressed and actually thought of taking his life.


According to, Okari confessed:

‘I know people don’t know this, but I have tried to take my life twice. The first time I wanted to crash my car on a huge rock on my way from work. Miraculously, as I drove from work on that material night, I just could not trace the boulder, it had always been there but i could not trace it…’

He continued:

‘The second time, I had planned to take an overdose of piriton tablets, about 12 of them, and sleep never to wake up. But as I came from late that night, I couldn’t figure where to get a chemist that late in the night.

And somehow it had escaped my mind that I could easily google it. Likewise, I aborted the suicide mission that night.’


Later, Dennis gave up his plan of suicide after he had an encounter with God.


All in all Okari will be joining NTV next week and apart from journalism, he is spreading God’s gospel and love.

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