Dennis Okari with Betty Kyallo and Ivanna

First photos together in years! Okari and Betty Kyallo enjoy daughter Ivanna’s birthday

Yesterday was an odd coincidence for Dennis Okari. The Nation TV anchor spent Father’s Day on the same day he celebrated his daughter, Ivanna’s 6th birthday.

In images shared on Betty’s Instagram page, one could see the former couple serenade their daughter Ivanna as other guests looked on.

Ivanna, Betty Kyallo's daughter
Ivanna, Betty Kyallo’s daughter

Dennis and his ex-wife Betty Kyallo spent yesterday together as they took part in their daughter’s birthday party. The two haven’t been photographed in the same vicinity since their acrimonious split close to 5 years ago.

‘I want a man who can jump on the table and grind for me’ Betty Kyallo

So this sighting was a first for the ages as the co-parents made nice and spent time with the fruit of their short-lived marriage.

One could see the joy on Ivanna’s face as she celebrated her 6th birthday with her two famous parents. The event was graced by many of Ivanna’s friends with the birthday girl clad in a pretty pink tracksuit.

Dennis Okari with his daughter Ivanna
Dennis Okari with his daughter Ivanna

Many of Betty’s fans commented on the photos with most focusing on Okari’s presence in the photos considering that was the first time he was seen on her page;

rachaelmasika This was the perfect family
mainvocal47 Hiyo smile unakuaga Umeicram kweli🔥💯✅
shonella_luogirl Okari tunakuona 😆😆
steven_chegeh Is that Dennis Okari?This is beautiful.Happy Birthday Ivanna
esthersyombua68 Pale chit chat tunahubiri hii couple irudiane
ezekielwangusi Am looking for Denis Okari… Where is he?
kenyatta_123 @dennisokari is the man..Its good when dads take role in the growth of their kids,whether directly or indirectly

The change in relations between Betty and Dennis is quite fascinating considering the cold war that was waged between the two earlier this between their proxies.

Betty’s sister Mercy and Okari’s friend Ken Mijungu went at it on social media after Betty failed to thank Okari after her daughter left the hospital after a long stay.

Dennis Okari with Ivanna at a previous date
Dennis with Ivanna at a previous date

Mijungu pointed out that Okari had been an integral part in financially and emotionally supporting his daughter during her hospital stay.

It seems that those days are long gone and peace is upon us. Good for them.

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