‘Marry her unless you want to fetch water on her wedding’Here is the woman fans want Dennis Okari to marry ASAP

Dennis Okari and his co-anchor Olive Burrows have set wagging for a while now and by the look of things it will not calm any time soon.
The charming presenter  sees Olive as a cuddly smiling ball of sunshine. And he expressed that in the artwork he made for her birthday.

The handsome news anchor has surprised his co-anchor Olive burrows by creating something from scratch just for her.
This gift is a labour of love.
It took him hours and painstaking attention to detail to come up with the perfect gift for Olive.

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Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows
Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows

Most of the portraits he makes do exhibit similar magic. If you think I’m messing with you just go to his page and check them out.

Olive wrote on her Instagram:

“I absolutely love it @dennisokari. You really do have to see it & feel it to get the full effect. And many thanks to your co-conspirator Nicodemus for the gift 😊.”


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Olive saw the artwork created by Dennis and gushed about the fine details that made her giddy.

“And the eyes, the small eyes, this gave him most trouble, you can barely see the white of the eyes this is when i squint, see, when i smile. I have tiny eyes, I love it.”

Below are some of the comments from the fans

pngomz:The chemistry between these 🥈👫 makes the news even more interesting to watch…

enock_bosaya:Bro Dennoh marry this lady Olive,unless you want to fetch water on her wedding day 😋

khimanicharles:I see @dennisokari took his time on this one😀

bexmash:Niliwashow sku izi mi huwatch news coz yenyu 😍

omondileakey:Will u two get married already!!

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