Dennis Itumbi hanging out with Jacque Maribe

I can offer him flowers for him to give on Valentine’s – Itumbi says about Jowie

Dennis Itumbi recently spoke to Kiss100 and had a lot of interesting things to say. The man had turned up to support Chipukeezy’s new comedy club and he didn’t disappoint with his answers that ranged from topics like Jacque Maribe and Jowie Irungu.

Itumbi, Jacque and Jowie
Itumbi, Jacque and Jowie in the past


Itumbi who was there to support the comedy industry said it is the next big thing when it comes to Kenya’s economy. Dennis had some supportive words to say concerning Jowie;

Welcome to the free world. It is unfair that he stayed in there for a very long time. The constitution allows bail and bond terms to be granted to him. Most important message I want to put out is, we continue praying for justice. Justice for him for Jacque Maribe and for the late Monica and her family to finally get closure. By justice I mean for whoever murdered Monica should be judged by the courts and set to jail to rot there and whoever who did not participate in her murder should be freed and allowed to enjoy freedom as it should be.

Jowie Irungu and Dennis Itumbi in court
Jowie Irungu and Dennis Itumbi in court

He added saying that it is a great time to be released, just before Valentine’s day, saying that he would be willing to help Jowie give flowers to a lady that he wanted.

‘Long Overdue’ Itumbi tells Jowie Irungu after release on bail 

And concerning Jacque, the person you undoubtedly care most about when it comes to Itumbi, the political strategist spoke about his relationship with Eric and the former Citizen TV presenter:

To KOT, Jacque is my friend. We are best friends we hang out a lot her family and my family are friends and we will remain with our friendship. With Eric Omondi, we are also friends. We support each other’s businesses. Social media can use anything to create content.

Dennis Itumbi
Dennis Itumbi

Dennis also mentioned that he is still waiting for God to wrap his gift, a wife, and give him but for now he is living his best life.

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