Dennis Itumbi Pens Love Letter To Jacque Maribe As She Turns 30

Director of communication in the office of the Presiden, Dennis Itumbi has caught the eye of the public yet again.

This time, it is because of a beautifully crafted love letter directed at Jacque Maribe, as she celebrated turning 30.

Itumbi has penned a heartfelt letter to Citizen TV’s Jacque Maribe, a woman he has been rumoured to be dating for sometime now.

In his letter, Itumbi has described Maribe as ‘a good friend, a good soul and indeed a star with a lovely shine and twinkle.’

He poured out his heart as he wished her a fruitful year and a happy birthday:

“Dear Jacque Maribe,

Standing by the window,

Holding pen and notebook,

I want my wish for you to remain raw, in my poor handwriting.

May the wind whisper calm in your new year,

May the shade of fulfilled dreams cover your path,

May you embrace the best of life with endless laughter,

May blessings bigger than HSC, expand your name and that of the #Maribe’s

Challenge NOT their version of the truth, instead, push back your braids and enjoy the sunshine and its golden rays…

For the truth is, you are a good friend, a good soul and indeed JACQUE WANJIRU wa MARIBE, you are a star with a lovely shine and twinkle…

Happy birthday. I may not be there physically with your other friends to cut the cake, but this little note 

It will be remembered that in 2015, he surprised Maribe on live TV as she wrapped up her lunch time news. And the girl shed tears….Tears of joy, or perhaps, those of love!

But fans are not convinced that these two are ‘Just Friends’

Check out their reactions:

Solomon Mwangi: I like the poetry writings.will quote it in my upcoming Thesis titled”.Shenanigans influence and githeri romance hullabaloo hallucinations in Kenya”.

Dennis Wazza Saenyi: Namesake, umeniangusha. Re-do and let your overflowing love fill the wall. Let the world know you love her

Jaboons Jeremiah Itumbi: seems to be nursing broken relationship with Maribe . With the reward of #HSC not rekindling it back he has no option but just to absent himself from the party. He is left sending solace scripted birthday wishes through the whole world platform. Nigga !!!Accept and move on .


Jane Njoki: Ain’t some women lucky!# sips poison# team jealous

Murey Waithanje: Last time ulipeleka zawadi Citizen Tv lunch hour. Sasa leta yeye Nyumbani.

Liz Jb James: Woiwoi wuuuii weeee simkuje kuuujeni, hawa testerone wengine kwani hawasiki wakuje waone hii!

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