Dennis Itumbi greeting Jowie while Jacque Maribe watches

She is ’16 months pregnant’ – Dennis Itumbi says about Jaque Maribe

Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe have a unique relationship. They are the rare combination of a friendship between a man and a woman where no romance is involved but that they still care deeply for each other.

This week an image did the rounds of Jacque Maribe looking like she was heavily pregnant. People drew conclusions from the unclear photos of Jacque in court that showed her wearing a frumpy coat.

Jacque Maribe in court
Jacque Maribe in court wearing the coat

The angle in which the photo was taken does not flatter her and makes her look like she has a baby bump and speculation ensued. called ‘best friend’ Dennis Itumbi whether Jacque was pregnant? He replied by saying;

She is 16 months pregnant.

He added;

Kwisha hiyo maneno, she is 16 months pregnant. The only response I’m giving is that she is 16 months pregnant. Wewe fanya hiyo maneno ya interpretation.

Hours later, Dennis who loves the attention that controversy births, posted an invite for a “babe shower” on his Twitter page. He uses a photo of Jacque’s first pregnancy photo shoot which she posted on May 10, 2017.

Dennis Itumbi pregnancy post concerning Jaqcue Maribe's pregnancy
Dennis Itumbi pregnancy post concerning Jaqcue Maribe’s pregnancy

His post read;

Jacque’s babe shower. BYOB, if you know you know. Saturday 22nd June 2019 6.00pm till late.

Jacque attended Sam Gituku’s wedding and from the photos, she did not look pregnant at all. This is not the first time that people have speculated about celebs being pregnant.

Jacque Maribe at the Sam Gituku wedding
Jacque Maribe at the Sam Gituku’s wedding

Kate Actress has famously complained about the numerous times that many have asked her whether she was pregnant. All because she gained a little extra weight.

Kate Actress
Kate Actress

I think it is par for the cause for many female celebrities especially in this day and age of social media.

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