Zari and Diamond

Deeply In Love: This Is What Diamond Platnumz And His Hot Wife Talk About When They Are Apart

Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz and his beautiful wife Zarinah Hassan are one of the hottest couples in Africa.

They have managed to keep their romance and relationship going strong despite the age factor with Zari being a few years older than the Number One hitmaker.

Zari and Diamond were first seen together in 2014 when photos of them cuddling made rounds on social media. Though they denied the speculations about their union at first, they later officially came out to reveal that they were indeed an item.

Before dating the Ugandan beauty, Diamond Platnumz was in an on and off relationship with former Miss Tanzania cum businesswoman, Wema Sepetu, and their break up was marred with speculation that Wema’s infertility was one of the main reasons for the separation.


Well, the power couple was blessed with a beautiful baby girl a few months into their relationsip, which was a very happy moment for the Bongo singer. Baby Tiffah Dangote recently turned one year old and surprisingly, the couple are now expecting another child.

Rumours of Zari’s second pregnancy with Diamond Platnumz came out about 2 months ago after it was revealed that Diamond had instructed her to abort because he was not ready for another child since Tiffah was barely a year old then; something that Zari furious about; to the point of going back to South Africa where she resides with her other three children.

Finally! Diamond Platnumz And Wife, Zari Hassan Confirm That She’s Pregnant With Their Second Child

The two later reconciled and eventually revealed that they were expecting a baby boy. Zari has since been flaunting her baby bump on social media, making this her 5th child including three boys from her previous marriage to a Ugandan tycoon.

Diamond and Zari have been appreciating each other a lot on social media and when Diamond is away for shows and performances, they keep in touch via video and message chats.

Zari, Diamond And Her Children

Zari shared a pic as they had a video chat with Chibu and revealed what they talk about. Diamond expressed his love to his stunning wife on the post, and she posted a sweet reply to her better half. So, this is what the lovely couple talk about when they are apart:

“Spring just sprung and love is shinning brighter….😍😍😍😍🌸🌹🍀🍁 our long convos are about love, how to make more money and how to build this family. And of course we fool/joke around a lot what would life be without being alil silly @diamondplatnumz😍”

Check out Diamond and Zari’s picture and convo below;

Zari and Diamond Platnumz

Zari and Diamond Platnumz

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