DECENT AND CLASSY! 5 Reasons We Love Kambua’s Elegant Fashion Sense And Style (PHOTOS)

Gospel artiste Kambua Manundu oozes confidence and elegance whenever she steps into a room and is no doubt one of the most down to earth female celebrities in the Kenyan music industry.

The celebrated singer and TV presenter is known for her humble and God-fearing background and is a role model to a lot of young girls who look up to her for mentorship and advice.

Kambua is not just beautiful but is very fashionable and stylish, not just her outfits but also her amazing and creative hairstyles that give her a gorgeous look, not forgetting her subtle makeup that enhances her breathtaking beauty.


If you are a fan of Kambua, you know that her style is impeccable and classy, yet she dresses up without showing too much skin, and yet she brings out an undisputed fashion sense and sophistication, unlike some women who walk almost half-naked.

There’s a lot to love, borrow and admire about Kambua’s fashion sense and style, and how about we take a look at some of the top 5.

1. She’s Simple
Kambua’s dressing has a touch of class, trends but more importantly, simplicity. She will take a mere Ankara material and turn it to a beautiful top, dress or even trouser.


2. She Knows How To Dress Her Body
Kambua is a petite lady, not too big, not too small and having that in mind, she always knows what will work with her body and how to go on about it. She never wears clothes that are too tight, neither will you ever see her in baggy ones.


3. She Appreciates African Style
If you take a keen look at Kambua’s style, you will realize that she mostly dresses in African-inspired clothes, from Ankara to Maasai-inspired clothes to ‘kanga’. If not her clothes, she will rock jewellery or headscarf that are made with a Kenyan or Africa theme.


4. She Knows How To Dress. Period!
Kambua will look good in anything, whether it’s just a casual look, an official outfit, traditional wear or just a fun-filled dress for the summer. I have never seen her having a bad day when it comes to dressing.


5. She’s Bold
Kambua will rock an attire that you would never think of wearing and coming out looking dazzling. She likes to go out of her way to make unique yet smart and fashionable clothes. Her inner and outer beauty make her even more lovable and we just love her for that.




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