Dear Slay Queens DON’T DO THIS When You Go Out

You will always know when the weekend is approaching for the relaxed atmosphere that hits Nairobi. Everyone makes sure they find out what the ‘plan’ is just so that they can be ready to paint the town red.

From college girls to the busy working mum, here is some piece of advice that I think you should consider before stepping out.

You’re welcome:

1. Putting on short dresses

I think this depends on where you are hanging out. Will you for instance be able to dance when you hear despacito? Some Kenyan clubs are known to be frequented by perverts, and wearing a ka -mini may send the wrong signal. Although I do remember there was the street protests dubbed my dress my choice. We know those with yellow-yellow thighs want to show them off.



2. High Heels

Have you ever walked behind a girl with super high heels in town and seen how she struggles? Keep in mind that our pavements in town are uneven and you may trip and embarrass yourself. Flats, or those baby doll shoes common with Nairobi girls will do.


3.Too much makeup

This is not the opportunity to try on the huddah makeup you stocked up on girls. A lip gloss will do, and lay off the eyebrows, there are enough scary looking eyebrows walking the streets of Nairobi. Plus your dude will be too polite to tell you that you have done too much. You also could be dating a guy who prefers au naturale girls.

make up

4. Do not eat too much

Especially if it’s buffet, where it’s all you can eat. That little black dress you wore will surely burst, then again no one wants to see a bloated belly, girls. Also stay on your lane and eat what you’re familiar with, lest your tummy rumbles and you have to dash to the bathroom when things get thick.


5. Avoid drinking something you’re not used to

I’ve heard many stories where just because a dude is buying, you think it’s time to try those posh drinks you’ve never consumed. Shock on you when you get drunk and misbehave. Lesson here, ka lane yako. If you’re used to guarana, stick to it, otherwise you will be a mess and trust me it will be hard to land a second date with that dude, if ever you hoped for one.


6. Carrying big purses

Kwani umebeba nguo za kulala? Big bags are a no-no girls. Here’s why: you only need to carry a few items therefore ditch the cucu style bag.



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