Dear ladies, here is how to know that you are dating an ‘ancestor’

It’s always a dream or rather wish of any woman to have a good life, a nice husband, and family. To many, this come true but to some, it doesn’t. We have seen many women of our generations ‘make it’ thanks to the new crop of men i.e sponsors who spend all their savings on these beauties. From showering them with expensive gifts to renting them luxurious apartments in the city’s suburbs, these species of men (sponsors) have indeed saved many from poverty.

Sponsors come in different ages. We have ancestors someone; who is twice your age and fossils; who are your father’s agemates or your grandpa’s age or even older. Dear ladies, here are 8 ways to tell that your sponsor is a fossil (someone old enough to be your grandfather and here are some of the interesting answers I got

1. Dress code

He wears those shiny oversized suits, a hat, and a leather jacket is a must (starter pack ya sponsor). They always dress as if they are going for horse racing events and so should you. He will never allow you to dress skimpily. If you spot a chic in a club dressed in a trouser, knee length boots, a leather jacket, and t-shirt, be sure she is with her sponsor.


2. Music

His type of music says it all. A fossil cannot take you to to a classy joint. He will take you to Mugithii Night or at his local somewhere in Kiambu, Muthiga, Dagoretti Corner or somewhere around Ruaka or Donholm for mbuzi choma and guaranas.


3. No selfies

He will never allow you to take photos of him or you two when you’re together. They are ‘allergic’ to photos maybe because they are old and rarely have social media accounts. They have a Whatsapp group where they exchange photos of naked women and discuss how they would smash if they are given a chance.


4. Choice of drinks

A fossil will never buy you Moet or other expensive drinks (izo onea tu kwa adverts). Most of they like these Guarana-guzzling generation. He will buy you a six pack knowing that you will pay letter in kindness. And for him, he only takes beer (local beer to be precise).


5. ‘Come with your friends’

He will always ask you to tag along with your friends whenever he invites you out. This is a chance for him to prey on your friends so be careful! Next time he will ask you for a threesome. Ladies, if your man asks you to invite your friends don’t.


6. Hang out joints

They will always hang out at their friends’ local pub. Every time he invites you out just know unapelekwa pale kwa Njoroge for mutura and supu ya kichwa. They like promoting their friends.


7. Oh! He will never satisfy you in bed. He cannot last long. Most are one minute men.


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