Dear KOT! Twitter is testing a dislike button for some of your conversations

Imagine getting a notification of a tweet you made that so and so disliked it.

Well to “understand the types of replies you find relevant” in a conversation Twitter is in the early stages of testing a dislike/downvote button for some users on iOS.

Twitter is testing multiple different designs for this new feature, including upvote and downvote buttons, likes and dislikes, and pairing the classic heart with a downvote.

The dislike button is visible to the person who is viewing tweets, but it is not a publicly available metric or visible to the author of the tweet. The thumbs down option will allow a tweet reply to be downvoted.

Twitter says that it is an internal tool that is designed to help Twitter understand what people think is valuable to a conversation.

There is no word on whether this is a feature that Twitter plans to roll out to everyone in the future, and for now, it is limited to a select number of users.

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