‘Dear fellow woman…’ read this heartwarming message by singer Wahu to all women

The whole world is celebrating women today.

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year.

The day not only recognizes the achievements made by women, but also brings awareness to the obstacles that still stand on their way.

Well, Kenyan celebrities have taken it upon themselves to celebrate this big day in different ways.

Male celebrities are celebrating the women in their life, while some women are also celebrating each other.

Among them is gospel singer Wahu who chose to celebrate all women in a heartwarming message.

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She wrote;

“Dear fellow woman.
I’d like you to know that you CAN create your own reality.
Listen to your inner most voice. The voice that whispers your dreams and desires. Listen to it, and let it guide you down the road of designing a life path tailor made for you, and by you.
Embrace your past. However rocky it may be. It is part of your story. But it doesnt determine your future. Self love, ability to think independently, self drive and determination will see you into that dream that appears unreachable for now.
And when you drop the ball, cut yourself some slack. Dont beat yourself into a pulp. We arent perfect. But get up, and try again.
I sincerely wish you all the very best, and may God be at the center of all your decisions. HAPPY WOMENS DAY TO YOU ALL!
With love Love. Mama Tumiso & Nyakio.”



Actress Njambi also wrote;

Happy women’s day…. To every woman out here…. To the one’s who are hurting, the pain is about to come to an end…. To the woman who’s waiting for a miracle the Lord has heard your prayer….. To the woman who’s in pain, the Lord has healed you.. To the woman who has no peace, May the Lord grant you peace….. To the woman who feels alone…. May God complete you…. To the woman who has lost her strength, May the Lord give you strength….. We’re all battling our own demons…. But you’re never alone …. Someone out here loves you, is looking up to you stay strong Mama ❤❤❤❤…. Sending love to each and every woman out there ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ .

Happy International Women’s day to all women.


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