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Dead mans incredible obituary and eulogy about his married life is hilarious


Obituaries and eulogies don’t have to be boring, as we are quickly learning in the example below.

A dead mans touching tribute was so humorous and bold that KOT are calling it an incredible example of what others should do.

The candidly written eulogy shows he married a woman and went abroad with her, them returned to Kenya alone where he met another woman and again left her for someone else.

Robert Mbuthia eulogy

kuna wife, kuna Love of his life na someone he met
, Levels buana

He married Stella.
He met Susan.
He loved Olive.


Weeeee…..Bobbo lived THE life!
To God we belong and to God we shall all return

The fewer the kids, the mainer the chic

uyo jamaa ni legend, alikulana na kukulwa

Sabbatical twists and turns are too many. What a man!

Alar….kuna wife, someone he met and the love of his life? Thats a legend

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