Bahati with wife Diana Marua

Days after Bahati lusted over another woman’s derrière, this is what accidentally happened to Diana Marua

Just the other day Bahati was caught lusting over a  woman’s derrière after a video was posted on Phoina Tosha’s social media, who later claimed her account had been hacked.

This might be true given that her name was even changed from Phoina Tosha to Phoina Tashobut that does not justify the reason why Bahati – a gospel artiste – was ogling at another girls bum when he has a wife.

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Her page is now full of nasty video’s including one of Judy Jay, a former Nairobi D cast member. So apparently even Judy’s account has been hacked because her Instagram account is none existent.

Phoina Tosha


Days after Bahati’s slip of the eye, his wife Diana Marua has been caught in a tight spot after accidentally watching a provocative movie with her dad nearby.

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Diana, who is a first time mum was also watching the said movie in the presence of her daughter which leaves us wondering kwani bahati and Diana wamebackslide?

We don’t know what her father was thinking by this time, seeing as it’s such an uncomfortable situation when the scene begins.



The embarrassing moment made Diana became extra creative and she tells us how she escaped the shame of being caught in such a situation.


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