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Narok Mp David Sankok’s love letter shows it’s all about the little things


We all need to be reminded every so often that true everlasting love isn’t about grand, sweeping gestures, but little things that make our lives better on a daily basis.

And nobody understands that better than nominated Mp David Sankok,Jubilee  nominated MP from Narok wrote about the ways in which his wife makes him feel cared for.

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david ole sankok and wife

Mr Sankok, a former chairman of the National Council of People with Disabilities, in his message below pays glowing tribute to his wife.

My love,
My Girlfriend,
My helper,
My Queen,
My First Lady,
My Soul mate,
My Sweetheart,
My darling,
My Angel,
My gift from God.

Bone of my bones,
Flesh of my flesh,
Blood of my blood,
Mother of my children,
I’m full of happiness,
I’m elated,
This first day of this second month of the year,
This great month of love,
The month when those destined to unconditionally love are born,
Today is your day,
The great day you were born,

I’m thinking of words good enough,
The biggest cake may not be enough,
The biggest and the best of ornaments may not be beautiful enough,
The longest of all kisses may not be enough,
The mother of all hugs may not be enough,
The best I can give you is what is in my heart,
That sweet heartily gratitude,

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Sankok ended the post in what can only be an encouragement to other women and men to “search for the one who will be the keeper of your palace,” because “that’s where a good kind of love is.”

I give thanks to God for the wonderful gift that is you;
My friend,
My love,
My queen,
My wife,
My everything,

david ole sanko wife in green

Happy birthday;
Queen of my heart,
Governor of my soul,
Conqueror of my mind,
Handshake of my spirit,
First Lady of myself,
Mother of my children,
Keeper and manager of my palace.

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