Beril Ouma and her husband

‘My daughter sent me three texts before her death’ Cries Beryl Ouma’s dad

Lyko junior Osuri the husband to the late Beryl Ouma will be remanded for 10 more days as the police continue with investigations.

Beryl a clinical officer, and Lyko wedded in 2017. They have been living together since the latter returned from Qatar where he had been working.

Beryl’s father Douglas Ouma said that the last messages his daughter sent were at very odd hours of the night and after calling back she never picked up.

Photos of Lyko Junior, man alleged to have killed his wife in Kahawa Sukari


Beryl and her hubby

Douglas said her daughter sent him three messages asking him to call her back at around 4 am, but when he called back after some time, the calls went unanswered.

“I didn’t see the texts immediately, but when I called back, she did not pick. A few minutes later, her husband called to say they had an altercation,” Ouma said.

The husband informed his father-in-law that he had just taken Beryl to a nearby hospital for treatment but records indicated that she was brought in dead.

Revealed: Beryl Ouma was pregnant before her alleged murder

THe late Beryl Ouma


Family and friends continue mourning Beryl with many of them expressing their shock at her death.

Faith Faii :Rest In Paradise baby mama…💖💖💕💞 Love u heartie

Theddy Paul  Beryl Ouma.:I can’t believe your no more beryl, my friend sister and collegemate waah is very sad, 😔you left my hurt empty I can’t say anything Rip siepa

Jedidah Jeddy: Its soo sad. Gone too soon 😭

Deizie Doc: OMG is this true…..wayyy this is so sad… still shocked…

Nyanchera Nyanchy: Where did the rain start beating us Humans wapi? How can a grown man beat up his pregnant wife? What for as helpless as she is why?

Has human life become such useless? Aii Nyako you didn’t deserve it fare thee well my lady and my school mate it is not well😭😭😭😭😭it has been a very emotional day for me I must confess 😭😭😭Fare thee well Nyako Beryl

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