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Dating Kenyan women is a waste of time – men tell Mike Mondo

Men are no longer pretending that they want to date you and go through the process of knowing you girls.

Well that’s at least according to confessions on Classic 105, where Mike Mondo was told men aren’t interested in dating, but want to hit it and run.

On the Tuesday morning conversation, Mike Mondo – sitting in for Maina Kageni- wanted to find out why men are too quick to take girls home, rather than spend time wooing them.

He sought to find out why the dating game has changed, that a man meets a woman and on the same day she is taken to his house for bizniz. Why don’t men want to get to know a woman first?

A woman blamed both men and women for taking the easy route saying

hii ni microwave generation, they don’t want kazi ngumu, yani they want what comes quick and there is no effort, i think even the owomen themselves are desperate, who said its a must we date? for me i think its normal for me and i think this generation is fake

Whatever happened to going on real dates and investing in a serious relationship?

An angry man explained this in not so kind words

‘If i find you in the streets tunaenda hiyo kazi nimalize, ati dating you ati we start talking? never, ninabeba kwenda, una sema hii ni ndege yangu nitembee nayo, there is no time for dating you might waste your time talking then you find she is taken by someone else.’


Another man said men have lost motivation because women are perceived as cheap

you cant blame everything on women, mike there are two things, maybe its biashsra, and i give you a night you give me cash ok, let men not say women are cheap, they are both cheap, but hen it comes to love, men of those days used to take time, how come these one don’t date> they are the problem! men ndio wako na kipawa, if a man wants to sleep with a women after one day or a after a month its your power, mike women want to get married if you take me to your house it means you are serious

Fellas, let’s continue weighing in on this topic. Why don’t you take girls on dates anymore?

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