‘I dated him as a mkokoteni guy only to be dumped when he got rich’ -Mary

The morning conversation on Classic 105 was based on whether you would pick a man from the gutter and grow with him towards achieving his goals.

A majority of women argued that they would rather have their man ‘ready made’ given that most me find a replacement for them as soon as they make it.

One caller *Mary* narrated how she picked a man from the gutter only to be dumped.

Maina I can never again pick a man from the gutter. I once married a man with a vision after he actualized his vision he left me for another woman.

When I met him he was mkokoteni guy I took him to school and helped him through.

We later got married for 12 years had three kids aged 12, 7 and 3 respectively.

After he became wealthy after kunizeesha and kunitumia he dumped me. Luckily for me I was still stable so I have been bringing up the kids without an issue.

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Black woman crying

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Another caller adds

Women should not dictate to us what to do. How can someone who has slept with uncountable men set standards for us?

Another adds

Women If a woman drops you coz you are a gold digger just drop him and move on. Life is too short to live with someone who disrespects you.

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