Would you date your friend’s ex or any of your ex’s friends?

We all have an ex in our lives that we once associated ourselves with.

People make up and break up but sometimes breaking up becomes the best option when things don’t get better. However, the way things end can determine the relationship that occurs after the relationship hits rock bottom and ends.

Ex’s sometimes become the worst enemies because it becomes hard to forgive and forget the past while others become best friends.

Most of the time, your friends end up hating your ex just because they are your friends but how would you feel if your friend dated your ex?

In my opinion, it all depends on the situation because sometimes things happen and we can’t avoid them.

If my friend is dating my ex and she comes to find out that I had dated the same guy in the past, well that is not an issue because she had no idea, but if my friend actually knows that he is my ex and goes ahead to date. I mean? That’s just plain disrespectful.

It also depends with the level of friendship we are in. If we are close, don’t be disrespectful their are many fishes in the sea but if we just say hi and bye to each other, you can go ahead and date him.

On the other hand, my ex’s friends are not off limit. I would give it a thought. A deep one, especially if the friend in question is a snack.

We are all different some see it as good, others as bad, and others don’t even care if you get married to the ex.

Would you date your friends ex or any of your ex’s friends?

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