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Moi comforted me when I had my miscarriage – Passaris

President Daniel Arap Moi died last week and since then we have received captivating stories about the former leaders. Esther Passaris has joined a chorus of prominent people giving out their fascinating stories about their experiences with the man who ruled Kenya for 24 years.

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The Nairobi Woman Representative recently recalled how the late president was a dear friend who stood by her side during a trying time in her life.


Passaris explained her story during the viewing of the body of the late president, saying that Mzee Moi had once called to comfort her when she lost her pregnancy.

“I lost my pregnancy around that time (1997) and he called me personally and said sorry,” she revealed. That wasn’t all as the politician added that the former head of state gave her the first phone in 1997 when she met him over a tender to supply campaign t-shirts.

Esther Passaris seating
Esther Passaris seating

“I got the first phone from him, I was running a promotion company and I got the tender to supply he could called me often because they was pressure to get t-shirts,”

Because she didn’t have a mobile phone for constant communication with the late president, Mzee Moi ordered a senior State House officer to give her the important gadget.

Esther Passaris speaking

Wait, there’s more. The former Baringo leader also intervened when Passaris had an issue being paid after she had done a job for his KANU party.

“They held half of my money, that was about four, five million shillings and he got to hear about it. He called me and ordered the money to be paid to me immediately,” she recalled.

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