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Access denied!Meet the Ebru TV presenter who was barred from seeing and accessing Jacque Maribe in court yesterday

Dana de Grazia a reporter with Ebru TV was left licking her wounds after being barred from seeing Jacque Maribe at Milimani Law courts where her case was .

She  was barred and blocked from not just accessing but seeing Jacque Maribe at the Milimani Law Courts. The Citizen TV anchor was under tight security at the court.


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Grazia took to social media to complain about how Jacque was being handled by the security. She was locked out of the court after she tried to get to Maribe.

“Woke up at 530 to try and support a fellow media person @jacquemaribe but she had so much support and security was too tight by the time I saw see the courtroom door I was surrounded and locked out. But endless support to her and I hope for her immediate release,” wrote Dana de Grazia on Instagram.



Grazia is one of the fastest-rising media darlings in Kenya, with her show on Ebru TV attracting some of the biggest names in the Kenyan showbiz landscape.

It  is not yet clear why she was barred given that Maribe’s other friends including Shix Kapienga,Johnson Sakaja ,Dennis Itumbi were present in the court room .

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