Dan Matakaya

It was painful but i forgave her.”Dan Makataya speaks up after surviving an acid attack by his wife leaving him blind

Dan Matakaya is a policeman who inspires many after surviving an acid attack by his wife who leaving him blind something that has changed his life forever.

It was something he never imagined he would go through especially from someone he was in love with.

Speaking to the Star, he said his attack happened in September 2013, when he was based in Kisii town.

“This was on September 21, 2013. I went to the house at around 5:30am in the morning because the previous night I was working. My wife was in the house but she was supposed to leave the same day because we had argued over some issues and she decided to go to her home.

As I was sleeping she woke up and poured acid on my face. That’s why I sustained chemical burns that left my face so scarred. I lost my sight in that instance.”


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What happened after that?

“I jumped out of the bed, tried getting some water, but when I stepped on the floor I felt a shock. She also wanted me to be electrocuted and so poured some water on the floor.

I screamed for help and my colleagues came to my rescue.After she did what she did she ran away. But two days later she surrendered to the police.

We had been together for three years and my wife was a very quiet person.”

What was the treatment process like?

“I stayed under medication for over two years. I was always in and out of hospital. At one point you have those suicidal thoughts like no I cant make it, now what I need to do is just to die.” 

In terms of seeking justice, how far is the case?He says

“I can’t say when it will be concluded because the court process is too long. It was painful but it reached a time and I had to forgive her.”

Dan is currently working in the industrial area, Nairobi and has opened a foundation called Dan Shieshie, aiming to help men who go through domestic violence.

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He says

“After going through this, I felt there is need for me to prevent this from happening again and prevent other people from going through my experience. We need to prevent people from accessing such corrosive chemicals and acids to go and destroy other people’s lives.”

He has since opened an organisation that will help fight for the rights of domestic violence survivors.

Source:The Star

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